Independence Day

The 62nd Independence Day Anniversary was held at Kuntanase the district capital under the theme “Celebrating Peace and Unity”. In an address by the District Chief Executive, Hon J. K. Asuming that he read on behalf of His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo – Addo, the president of Republic of Ghana, extended to all good wishes and felicitations on the occasion.

He said, ‘he stands on behalf of the president who currently finds himself at Aliu Mahama Stadium in Tamale where the National Independence Day celebration is being held outside Accra, the nation’s capital for the first time in the country’s history”.

In the speech, we should see ourselves as one people and live peacefully and promote unity among ourselves and build a strong nation that we all will be proud of.

He again, touched on education. The youth should concentrate on their education and stay away from involving themselves in electoral violence.

The president’s aim to protect our environment, he is not leaving his fight against galamsey menace so we should all come together to do that. 

Also in maintaining the peace and unity in the country. The government is enhancing the police service in the country making sure that, they are well equipped. Again, daily allowance of the Armed Forces on peace keeping has been increased from $ 30 to $ 35.

The DCE also talked on the government intention to promote investment and creating jobs. The government also has the quest of promoting steel and the iron industry in Ghana.

In his concluding remarks, he said we have to be nice and live peacefully with the foreigners who will be trouping into our country to witness the celebrating as occurred in four hundred years (400) ago as we received twenty (20) Americans. Lastly we have to be committed to the country’s dream that is “Ghana beyond aid.” 

After the address the various schools and other institutions take to their turns to march. Some of the pupils in the district who have excel academically were given prizes and awards for their wonderful performance.

In all, 29 schools ranging from Primary, Junior High and Senior High Schools were selected from the district to participate in the march past. Best performing schools from each category received a certificate and a plaque