(1) The Department of Trade, Industry and Tourism shall under the guidance of the Assembly deal with issues related to trade, cottage industry and tourism in the district.
(2) The Department shall
(a) assist in the formulation of policies on trade and tourism in the district within the framework of national policy and guidelines;
(b) facilitate the implementation of policies on trade, industry and tourism in the District;
(c) advise the District Assembly on issues related to trade and industry in the district;
(d) assist in the
(i) collection and dissemination of tourism, trade and industry, statistical data and other information, and
(ii) prevention of smuggling in collaboration with agencies responsible for internal security, Customs and Excise;
(e) prepare and submit half-yearly reports on tourism, trade and industries to the District Assembly;
(f) assist in sourcing funding to support the implementation of programmes and projects to promote trade and industry in the District;
(g) facilitate the promotion and development of small scale industries in the District;
(h) advise on the provision of credit for micro, small-scale and medium scale enterprises;
(i) assist to design, develop and implement a plan of action to meet the needs and expectations of organized groups;
(j) co-ordinate the organization of field extension works to identify projects, collate relevant data, disseminate information and provide feedback information;
(k) assist and facilitate the provision of infrastructure required to accelerate the implementation of policies or execution of programmes on trade and industry including estates in the district;
(l) assist in the establishment and management of rural ansmall-scale industries on commercial basis;
(m) promote the formation of associations, co-operative groups and other organizations which are beneficial to the development of small-scale industries;
(n) assist in offering business and trading advisory information services;
(0) facilitate the promotion of tourism in the district;
(p) assist to identify, undertake studies and document tourism sites in the district;
(q) facilitate private sector participation in the development of tourism in the district;
(r) compile a register of all trade , industry/associations in the district;
(s) advise on prescription of conditions for the operation of markets by the private sector;
(t) assist to regulate and control markets including the fixing and collection of stallage rents and tolls;
(u) advise on licensing of petrol and gas services and filling stations in the district;
(v) advise the Assemblies on the prohibition, restriction, regulation and licensing on the:
(i) manufacture
(ii) distillation
(iii) sale
(iv) transportation
(v) distribution
(vi) supply
(vii) possession, and
(viii) consumption of any alcoholic beverage including "akpeteshie", palm wine and fermented liquors;
(w) assist to provide for the control, regulation, inspection, supervision and licensing of:
(i) social halls, dance halls and places of entertainment
(ii) hotels, rest-houses, lodging and eating houses, and
(iii) premises or lands where a profession, occupation, trade or business is carried out.


Source: Office of the Head of Local Government Service