In order to review performance for the first half of 2021 and to make informed decisions ahead of 2022 planning period, a meeting was organized by the Bosomtwe District Planning Coordinating Unit (DPCU) and the budget committee on Tuesday August 31st, 2021 at the District Assembly’s conference hall.

 The meeting presided over by the District Coordinating Director, Madam Agatha Ahia, saw the attendance of the various heads of Departments in the Assembly and representatives from the Bosomtwe health directorate, Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) Bosomtwe, Bosomtwe water works, Agric department and CEDEP respectively.

 In an opening and general presentation by the head of the District’s Planning Department, Mr. Ebenezer Amofah elaborated on the district’s performance review from 2018- 2021 on development programmes, projects and activities. He also presented the details of the annual action plan implemented in areas like economic and social development, environmental, infrastructure, corruption and public accountability etc from the year 2018-2021 where he emphasized on the 2021 mid-year.

On the proportion of Annual Action Plan (AAP) and overall Medium Term Development Plan (MTDP) implemented, he gave out specifics of indicators on percentages completed, ongoing, yet to start projects and their targets and actuals specifically for the year 2021.

Again, he highlighted on the Districts Financial performance from 2018-2021 and gave updates on all the expenditure and their funding sources as at June 2021. He also touched on status of projects and programmes in the district and their implementing stages.

Closing his presentation, he briefly outlined the key challenges identified during the implementation of the 2021 plan and budget which some include inadequate funds, untimely release of funds, inadequate political and administrative commitment to plan implementation, impact of corona virus pandemic, inadequate logistics etc. He finally hinted on some lessons learnt which have implications for 2022 action plan and budget.

The meeting ended with various heads and representatives of departments also presenting their various departmental performances and challenges as at July, 2021 to the gathering.