On Tuesday, March 16th, 2021 the Bosomtwe District Assembly in collaboration with the Asante Kingdom Landscape Restoration Programme held a meeting at the District Conference Hall. The meeting was held among representatives of the Oheneba Poku Foundation (OPF), Manhyia, Water Resources Commission (WRC), Community Resource Management Area (CREMA), A rocha Ghana, Bosomtwe District Assembly and Chiefs of some fringed communities of the lake Bosomtwe District.

The purpose of the programme was to “Save Our Water and River Bodies, Lets Plant Tress”.

The District Chief Executive Addressed the occasion and welcomed everyone to the meeting pave way for the program to commence. He subsequently gave a brief profile of the District and how God has blessed the district with resources such as the Lake Bosomtwe. He however expressed worry of how some chiefs improperly sells lands without seeking the consent of the District Assembly and advised and encouraged chiefs, to use appropriate means of selling or leasing lands. He lastly emphasized that, the Bye-laws of the District Assembly have been gazette and will therefore be enforced and applied to all matters relating to the Lake.

The programme organizers made a brief presentation. After the presentation participants asked questions and they were answered. Stakeholders were also given the opportunity to brief the house after the presentation. They then thanked the Chiefs, District Chief Executive, District Coordinating Director, staffs and other dignitaries for gracing the occasion with their presence and also making it a memorable one.

In addition, the District Chief Executive, Hon. J.K Asuming commended participants’ presence for making the programme a success. He reminded participants that, they were all trustees and stewards of the Lake Bosomtwe and its resources and must therefore protect it at all cost. He suggested that, the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) be involved in the setup of the taskforce. He reminded members that, the LBBR belongs not only to indigenes but to a larger world community since it is now recognized as a UNESCO designated biosphere reserve. He finally stated that, Bye-laws explicitly banning pair trawling and used of illegal fishing nets would be enacted. He wished them well in their daily endeavors and also to promote peace and unity in the community.

More details can be obtained from the National Youth Employment Unit.