According to the 2021 Population and Housing Census, the Bosomtwe District Assembly after going through the exercise had a total population of 165,180, with 91,366 urban residents (55.31 percent) and 73,814 rural residents (44.69 percent). The population is made up of 80,428 males, 44,107 of whom are urban males (54.84 percent) and 36,321 of whom are rural males (45.16 percent), and 84,752 females, 47,259 of whom are urban females (55.76 percent) and 37,493 of whom are rural females (45.16 percent) (44.24 percent). The total household population is 160,723 and non-household population is 4,457 people.  The exercise was successfully organized in three months.

For more details contact the District Statistician.