The Bosomtwe District Assembly Scholarship Review Committee (BOSDASRC) received a total number of Two Hundred and Nineteen (219) applicants from the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat to attend an interview for scholarship.

The interview was organized on Monday, 30th August, 2021 at the District Assembly. Panel members for the interview was made up of Officials from the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat and the Assembly as well. Three rooms were scheduled for the interview namely interview room 1- 3 and each room had at least one of the officials from the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat and a member from the Assembly.

Unlike the previous years, where interviews were done manually, this year’s interview was electronic, thus through a mobile application on a tablet. The details of qualified applicants were on the tablet and the interview panel members signed onto the platform and conduct the interview on the platform using the tablet. The information was real time as the interviewed persons when completed went to Accra, the headquarters of the Scholarship secretariat.

The interview panel was made up of four members consisting of the DCE, a rep from GES, Traditional Council, the MP representative and representatives from the Scholarship Secretariat. At the close of the exercise, a total of 163 students were interviewed. About fifty-six (56) qualified applicants were unable to attend the interview due to examination and traveling. The interview was done both electronically and manually. The Assistant Director help in organizing students whiles the MIS officer also held in data connection and the setting up of the tablet for the interview making the programme a success.