Under the initiative of Production for Export and Development (P.E.D) project and the agenda of the government to create jobs, as every district is to identify cash crop to be grown there. The Bosomtwe District has chosen to cultivate oil palm and coconut.

 It was through this that on 27th May, 2019, the D.C.E of Bosomtwe, Hon. J. K. Assuming distributed twenty one thousand (21,000) oil palm seedlings to the farmers in the district. Mr. J. K. Assuming appealed to the beneficiary farmers to put the seedlings into good use by making sure they plant the seedlings given to them. He continued that taskforce would be sent around to monitor farmers to see to it that farmers has really put the seedlings into good use.  

The beneficiary farmers of which include, Opanin Kojo Acheampong, Maame Sekina Bema, Madam Agartha from Mim and others expressed their sincere gratitude to the D.C.E and government for such support. They gave an assurance of going to put the seedlings into good use.