The Bosomtwe NCCE directorate, in its pursuit to fulfill its constitutional mandate of ensuring the effective delivery of civic messages to the Ghanaian citizenry, engaged various stakeholders such as Faith-Based Organizations, Civil Society Organizations, Artisans, Identifiable Groups, etc. through face-to-face interactions, information centers, and community outreach. The focus was on the upcoming District Level Elections under the theme: "Increase Citizenry Participation in the Local Governance System: The Way to Foster Community and National Development."

Mr. Albert Bentil, the District Director, explained the reasons that necessitated the establishment of the MMDA's as stipulated in the 1992 Constitution of Ghana under the Local Government Act 2016, Act 936. He highlighted that District Level Elections are crucial as they bring governance closer to the people, effectively addressing local issues and ensuring diverse perspectives are considered. This, in turn, leads to policies that better reflect the community's interests. Mr. Bentil also emphasized that such elections empower citizens to hold elected officials accountable, promoting transparency and responsible governance. Moreover, active involvement in DLE's fosters a sense of ownership and community pride, reinforcing the notion that democracy thrives when citizens actively shape its outcomes.

Citizens were finally advised to be tolerant before, during, and after the election. They were encouraged to visit their respective polling stations early, follow all electoral processes diligently to exercise their franchise as a civic responsibility, and refrain from any activity that may lead to pre or post-election violence.