The Inauguration of the Ninth (9th) Assembly of the Bosomtwe District Assembly was successfully held on Monday, 12th February, 2024 at the forecourt of the District Assembly. After the inauguration members then moved to the Assembly’s Conference Hall, Kokoado to elect the Presiding Member. The election was graced with the present of Hon. District Chief Executive, District Coordinating Director, District Electoral Commissioner, Staff and Assembly Members.

Four Assembly Members represented for the PM (Presiding Member position and the election was in two folds. The representative was Hon. Daniel Ronald Adjei, Hon. Richard Agyemang, Hon. Frank Danquah and Hon. Richard Obeng. After the first round Hon. Daniel Ronald Adjei had 16 votes, Hon. Richard Agyemang had 2 votes, Hon. Frank Danquah had 15 votes and Hon. Richard Obeng had 16 votes.   Hon. Daniel Ronald Adjei and Hon. Richard Obeng contested for the second round. After the second round Hon. Daniel Ronald Adjei had 27 votes and Hon. Richard Obeng had 19 votes with 3 rejected. Since the 2/3 of the vote was not reached the election was adjourned till ten (10) days. This was declared by the District Electoral Commissioner.