Based on the Ghana Health Service and Teaching Hospital Act-1996 (Act 525) section 23 every Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assembly (MMDAs) should have a Health Committee which will comprise of the following;

  1. Membership
  • Chairman
  • The District/Municipal/Metropolitan Director of Health Service
  • Two representative from the District Assembly
  • One representative each from the Christian and Muslim region groups in the MMDA
  • Two Health Care Personnel in the MMDA, one of which shall be from this private sector
  • A representative from the Traditional Council in the MMDA
  • Two other person at least one of whom shall be a woman


  1. Members referred to under a, e and g shall be appointed by the council of the advice of the Metropolitan/Municipal/District Chief Executive (MMDCE).
  2. Members other than ex-officio members shall hold office for a period of three years and shall on this expiration of their term no eligible for re-appointment.

Section 24 of the Act outline the functions of the committee as follows;

  • The District Health Committee shall advise District Director of Health Service in this performance of his/her functions in this District and shall perform such functions of this committee in this district as this committee may assign.
  • The District Health Committee shall regulates this procedure for the meetings.
  • The quorum of a meeting of a District Health Committee shall be the majority of the total membership.
  • A District Director of Health Service shall designates an officer in the service in the district a secretary of the District Health Committee who shall perform such secretarial service as the District Director may determine.

The members of the Bosomtwe District Health Committee includes;

  1. Dr. Bio (Bramuo Medical Centre) – Chairman
  2. J.K Asuming, Esq (District Chief Executive) – Member
  3. Mr. Timothy Twumasi-Mensah (District Health Service) – Member
  4. Dr. Hamson Ankra-Twumasi (Medical Superintendent, Kuntanase Gov’t Hospital) – Member
  5. Cecilia Offeh (The Midwife – God’s Grace Maternity) – Member
  6. Nana Kwame Acheampong (Traditional Council) – Member
  7. Rev. Antwi Boasiko (Kuntanase Methodist Church) – Member
  8. Issaka Hamidu (Islamic rep) – Member
  9. Hon. Paul Owusu (Assemblyman-Kuntanase) – Member
  10. Mad. Comfort Vida Adu-Amankwah (Bethyl Academy) – Member
  11. Mad. Agatha Ahia (District Coordinating Director) – Member

The inauguration of the committee and selection of members added successfully.