Unit Committees

As a constitutional mandate and a means to promoting local government participation , the Bosomtwe District Assembly on  3rd March, 2020 inaugurated its unit committee members for the three Area Councils within the district ; Kuntanase Area Council, Jachie Area Council and Boneso Area Council respectively. This was to conform power and recognition to the various unit committee members for the three area councils respectively.

The ceremony took place at the following venues simultaneously, Church of Pentecost, Jachie, Kuntenease Area Council and Brodekwano. The Unit Committee members were sworn in by some staff of Bosomtwe District Assembly.

Again, the Committee Members were briefly taken through their core mandates by representatives from NCCE at Bosomtwe District Assembly.

 Fifteen (15) members were drawn from the Unit Committee members to represent each of the area council. After that, the fifteen member committee of each of the area councils had an election to elect their Chairman. They were Hon. Joseph Yeboah for Jachie Area Council, Hon. Peter Appiah for Konkoma and Hon. Daniel Adjei, Adwafo.