The indicators for the District Performance Assessment Tool (DPAT) have been reviewed to include, among other things, the filling in of sector data onto the District Development Data Platform (DDDP).

In view of this, a meeting was held on Thursday 27th July, 2023 at the District Assembly Conference Hall-Kuntanase to brief staff on the procedure to populate the required sector data on the District Data Platform of Bosomtwe District to meet the new indicator for the impending DPAT assessment for 2022. A short briefing on the 2023 Performance Contract signed between the Assembly and the Regional Coordinating Council was also made.

The meeting invited District Coordinating Director, District Planning Officer, District Budget Officer, Director of Health-Bosomtwe District, Education Director -Bosomtwe District, Director of Agriculture-Bosomtwe Distirict, Social Welfare and Community Development Director, Physical Planning Officer, Business Advisory Centre, District Works Engineer, Human Resource Manager, District Procurement Officer, Director Nadmo, Director-Electricity Of Ghana, Water-Company, District Revenue Head, District Statistical Officer, Mis Officer, Records Management Unit, Client Service, Dist. Environmental Health Officer.