Menstrual hygiene is crucial for women's well-being, as poor practices can lead to reproductive tract infections (RTIs). Lack of knowledge often contributes to this issue. On May 26, 2023, the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development, along with the District Education Directorate, organized a Menstrual Hygiene Day. It was sponsored by SUMDA Ghana Limited, with over 5,000 menstrual pad donations and support from the Bosomtwe District Assembly. The event took place at the Feyiase cluster of schools and featured 20 invited schools and dignitaries.

The event included poetry recitals, drama, and dance performances by schools. SUMDA Ghana officers emphasized the importance of menstrual hygiene and debunked cultural misconceptions. They urged people to disregard beliefs that marginalize women and girls.

In conclusion, promoting menstrual hygiene is vital for the dignity and opportunities of women and girls. Education on menstruation boosts self-esteem, academic performance, and economic empowerment. Access to hygiene products is crucial for gender equality. Proper menstrual hygiene challenges myths and superstitions, empowering women and girls. They were advised to change pads frequently, wash properly, avoid soaps and vaginal products, dispose of sanitary napkins correctly, and stick to one sanitation method.